Keynotopia for Teams and Enterprise

Thousands of teams at Fortune 500 Companies, Startups and Agencies Use Keynotopia to Prototype Apps and Create Interactive Product Requirements


Everyone Contributes New Ideas and Features, Without Having To Be A Designer

Marketing, sales, development, testing and management teams fire up Keynote or PowerPoint, create a couple of screens using Keynotopia templates, and share their ideas with each other. Sending long emails to describe an idea is history!
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The Latest Version Of A Prototype Is Automatically Sync’ed With Everyone

Keynote and PowerPoint files are synchronized between all team members using file sharing services like DropBox,, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Everyone has access to the latest version, and the revision history!

Comments, Feedback and Discussions Are Shared Within Prototype Files

Using built in comments and slide notes in keynote and PowerPoint, team members communicate feedback and suggestions on each slide without having to use additional services

Work Is Easily Divided Among Team Members

A single prototype file is divided into multiple feature files and assigned to multiple people. When the work is done, the product manager pastes slides from those files into one presentation to create a final prototype file.

Interactive Prototypes Are Better Than Long Requirement Documents

Product managers share annotated prototype files and video walkthroughs with their teams, and developers are able to interact with the prototypes and create more accurate product features when they have a prototype they play and interact with.