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Here are some of our favorite and most inspiring success stories from Keynotopia customers

Marie uses Keynotopia to launch two iOS apps in 6 months!
Marie Ng quit her day job and launched two successful iPhone apps in 6 months, without any previous programming experience. She used Keynotopia templates to fully prototype each app in less than 3 days, and then outsourced their development on eLance. She now has interests from several VCs, and is raising a seed round!
Products: Qu: Ask anything and Peek: Tiny hidden stories.
Interview with Marie: Part 1 and Part 2

“Sometimes, people don’t realize that they already know the tools they need to get started with their ideas, so they spend a lot of time learning new tools and languages. I knew PowerPoint, so I used it with Keynotopia templates to prototype my apps in a couple of days.” – Marie Ng

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