Keynotopia Master Class

Video Training Master Class

Plan, Prototype and Test Your Apps Quickly & Cheaply Using Keynote

Learn the techniques that I used to design and prototype products for 13 startups in the past 3 years.

You’ll get so good at it that you’ll be able to prototype live with keynote sitting in a meeting room with your team, your clients or your users.

Who’s this master class for?

  • Developers: Not being a designer shouldn’t stop you from prototyping simple, intuitive and elegant apps.
  • Designers: Learn how Keynote can help you deliver killer product demos and win instant approval from managers and clients!
  • Entrepreneur: Your ideas can be tested with users on a shoestring budget, without a technical cofounder or a freelance designer
  • Instructors: Your students will love the fun techniques you share with them about creating web and mobile apps.

What you get

  • Over 5 hours of online/downloadable video tutorials, divided into 15 minute actionable chuncks.
  • PDF eBooks and work sheets for all video sessions
  • Sample prototypes covering popular app scenarios that you can use to jump start your work
  • Style guides for converting your wireframes to grayscale and high fidelity with few clicks

What you’ll learn

Become a UX guru in one hour

Use proven user experience techniques for planning and scoping your prototyping effort so that you’re spending your time effciently on what you want to test and measure. Learn what makes a good prototype, how to avoid common prototyping mistakes, when to use sketches, wireframes, grayscale and high fidelity prototypes, how much detail to show in a prototype, how to convince stakehloders to dedicate time and budget to prototyping, and how you can integrate your work with developers in an agile environment.

Master Keynote awesomeness

An in-depth walkthrough of basic and advanced feaures of Apple Keynote that help you create interactive prototypes in minutes. From simple features like shapes and colors to complex ones like layout tables, animations and slide masters, this is when you discover that you shouldn’t waste money or time on other design tools.

Mobile prototyping at the speed of thought

Designing for small screens, creating universal apps for multiple platforms without repeating your work, and handling device orientations.

Sharing, presenting and documenting your work

How to involve stakeholders, how to demo your prototype to them and let them play with it, how to present your prototype as a proposal, how to annotate your work to minimize project documentations, and how to create tasks for developers, testers and freelancers.

Testing, getting feedback, and improving your prototypes

Understanding various export formats and limitations, exploring different usability testing and feedback techniques, knowing when to test your prototypes and when to stop, understanding the differences between testing on large screens and mobile devices, and leaning how to create post-test surveys to get more qualitative feedback and valide users interaction with your app.

Moving from prototyping into production and coding

Knowing when to move into development, how to avoid redoing the work by reusing your prototypes in final production, which applications you can use with Keynote, how many features you should include in your minimum viable product, and how you can integrate further prototyping into the development lifecycle.

Bonus: Learn how to prototype with Keynote on the iPad.

Why I am creating this course

My journey from hacker to program manager to UX designer has been most enjoyable and very interesting. Not only have I found simple repeatable techniques for creating great user experiences, I also found that many stereotypes about design being a creative skill to be totally false.

After spending so much time messing with expensive wireframing tools and design apps, and writing endless pages of requirements documents, my life dramatically changed when I rediscovered Keynote as a UI prototyping tool. I now finish my projects in half the time, I make design changes in minutes, my clients are much happier with my work, and I have time to get more contracts, and to share these awesome techniques wit you.

My goal from creating these master classes is to share every experience, strategy and technique that helped me make more money, save more time, and create great apps.

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