Fake It, Then Make It: A Free 4-Day UI Design and App Prototyping Course

What You Will Learn in This Course


– How to come up with good ideas for web/mobile apps
– How to create a user experience blueprint for an app
– How to design an interactive user interface using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint
– How to get feedback and refine your app design
– How to outsource and manage app development

Over the next 4 days, you will receive 4 short PDF guides with simple action steps. On the 5th day, you’ll be able to design and prototype your app idea in 3 hours or less!


My name is Amir Khella. I’m an entrepreneur, product designer, and startup advisor. I previously designed and helped launch 15 products, 4 of which have already been acquired.

Currently, I run several profitable eCommerce and educational platforms for designers, while working on my next product ideas.

I’ve been mentioned on Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, Mixergy, Smashing Mag, Swiss Miss, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), and several entrepreneurship and design publications.