Fake It → Make It

Is it possible to create an interactive demo of your app idea without using a design tool, without knowing how to write code, and without hiring any designers or programmers to help you with it?

Many people spend weeks learning new design tools and programming languages, and thousands of dollars hiring designers and developers, to make an early version of their app that users may not even want.
This book introduces a simple, fast and cheap approach to prototyping web and mobile apps with no design or coding skills required. You will learn a proven process that is being used by more than 50,000 designers, entrepreneurs and product managers worldwide.

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What you will learn in this book

– How to come up with good ideas for web/mobile apps
– How to create a user experience blueprint for an app
– How to put together an interactive user interface for your app using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint
– How to get feedback and refine your app design
– How to outsource and manage app development

Who should read this book

– Entrepreneurs who want to test new app ideas before getting them developed
– Designers who want to quickly create design concepts to show to clients or team
– Product managers who want to create product requirements or specifications
– Teachers who wants to show students how to make apps

About the author


My name is Amir Khella. I’m an entrepreneur, product designer, and startup advisor. I previously designed and helped launch 15 products, 4 of which have already been acquired.

Currently, I run several profitable eCommerce and educational platforms for designers, while working on my next product ideas.

I’ve been mentioned on Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, Mixergy, Smashing Mag, Swiss Miss, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), and several entrepreneurship and design publications.

Available now on Amazon Kindle

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