Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know when the templates are updated? and how can I get the latest version?

I will email you when new updates are ready, and the link in your original purchase confirmation email will always get you the latest version.

I am interested in trying the template before buying them. Is there a trial version?

There is no trial version because the templates come with 100% money back guarantee. Purchase them and try them out, and if they don’t live up to your expectations, contact me through the form at the bottom of this page¬†for a full refund within 30 days.

I purchased and downloaded the templates. How do I get started?

The templates come as an archive file. Decompress the file on your Mac or PC, then head to the tutorials section to learn all the tips and tricks you need to master prototyping with Keynote and PowerPoint.

I am not a designer. Can I still use the templates?

If you know how to use Keynote or PowerPoint, you’ll be able to use the templates. If you’d like to learn the user experience and design foundation needed to create great prototype, I’ve created a video training course to help you with that. You can get it here.

How can I transfer my templates or my final PDF prototypes to preview on my iPhone or iPad?

Use iTunes file transfer, mail it to yourself, or use DropBox.

My download link has expired. What should I do?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and include the transaction ID from your confirmation email and I will reactivate your link.

I am using a Windows machine. Can I still use Keynotopia to prototype iOS and Android apps?

Yes, you can prototype all sort of apps using the PowerPoint bundle.

Which iOS app should I use to preview the PDF prototype?

We’ve created Keynotopia iOS apps to help you get the best experience previewing and demoing your prototypes on the iPhone and iPad. You can get them here.

Do you have an Android app as well?

Working on it. I will email you when it’s ready.

How can I work with the templates directly on Keynote on iPhone or iPad?

Unarchive the templates on your Mac or PC, then transfer them to use with Keynote on the iPhone/iPad using iTunes, mail, or DropBox.

I see that you’re using themes in your tutorial video. When I open the latest version of the templates, I see no master slides or .kth files. Why?

I started out working with .kth files, then opted for creating the templates as separate .key files to free up the master slides to use for app specific screens.
Open the .key library file and create a new file for your app, then switch between both files to copy/paste assets.
Works great if you have two screens! (The video tutorial will be updated soon to reflect these changes)

Once I am done with the prototype, how can I make it into a real app?

You need to hire an iOS developer, or learn how to write code.

Your video tutorials are very helpful. I was wondering what screen capture software you use.


I am exporting the PDF but my hyperlinks aren’t working. What am I doing wrong?

Some PDF viewers don’t support hyperlinks. Use Acrobat reader (Free for Mac/PC) or Keynotopia app on your iOS device.

Can I pay you to create custom templates for my app?

No, sorry. But you can still email me your request and I’ll try to get it done as part of the following update.

If I buy a single license, can I use it on more than one machine?

Yes, you can. The lincense is per-user, not per-machine. So you can install them on several machines, as long as you’re the only person using them.

Can the images from the prototypes created by Keynotopia be used as graphics for the final App?

You can copy/paste them into Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks. You can also export your final template as PNG files and open them in your favorite graphic design app.

How do I get transitions and animations to show in the final prototype?

You can either use the prototype as a Keynote file on the Mac/iPhone/iPad, or export as QuickTime and use with QuickTime player 7. PDF file format doesn’t support animations and transitions created in Keynote or PowerPoint.

Can I share my final prototypes on my blog or website?

Yes, you can, as long as it’s in PDF format only.

I would like a purchase receipt/invoice for my accounting department. Where can I download one?

When you make a purchase, you receive two emails: one with your download link and one containing a full receipt for your purchase.

Can you add video to a prototype created with Keynotopia?

You can, but it won’t play within a PDF prototype. It’ll play within a QuickTime prototype exported from Keynote.

Can I hire you to help me create my prototype?

Unfortunately, no. I am too busy working on several projects at the moment.

I’d like to invest in your business. Are you looking for funding?

No, thanks. I am bootstrapping this business.

Can’t find the answer to your question?¬† Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.