So you’d like to share your prototypes with team members or clients, and get feedback? Here is an awesome workflow that I found, which happens to be totally FREE!

Until recently, I’ve shared my prototypes as PDF files via BaseCamp, Wikis, ProtoShare and email. The challenge has been enabling someone to leave comments or questions on specific screens. People would download the prototype file, annotate it, then email it back to me. It has been inconvenient and inefficient.

Enter, Apple’s platform for sharing iWork documents and Keynote presentations. Not only it enables you to upload your docs and set privacy options, people can leave comments on specific screens or start a discussion about the document.

iwork screenshot


You can also embed your presentation in a [password protected] blog post and start a private discussion about it (see example here)

In presentation mode and embed mode, the slides are clickable (yep, hyperlinks work!). Try clicking through the following prototype (JavaScript required).



This is by far  one of the best (Free) ways to share wireframes and prototypes, and get feedback.