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Use Tools You Know to Prototype Like a Pro

Keynotopia transforms Keynote and PowerPoint into the best rapid prototyping tools for creating mobile, web and desktop app mockups

Keynotopia Keynote and PowerPoint

What Is Keynotopia?

Keynotopia is the largest collection of user interface design templates for wireframing, prototyping and testing mobile and web apps in 30 minutes or less using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. No coding skills or design background required!

Keynotopia is our favorite secret prototyping weapon!

How Does Keynotopia Work?

Design User Interface Screens Without Messing With Colors, Pixels Or Layers

Create a new slide for each of your app screens, then copy elements from Keynotopia templates and paste them into your slides to create a great looking user interface in minutes!

Customize And Edit UI Components Without Needing Additional Design Tools.

All components are vector shapes designed from scratch in Keynote and PowerPoint. You can edit labels, change colors and resize the UI components without leaving your presentation tool.

Create User Interaction And Animations In Seconds, Without Writing Code.

Make your prototype interactive by adding hyperlinks between screens so that users can click and tap to navigate them, Then use built-in slide transitions and builds to animate the interface.

Export and Test Your Prototypes on Mobile Devices, Without Doing Any Extra Work

Export the slides as clickable PDF, then send the presentation to your favorite device. Test it with users as if it were a functional prototype, and share it to your team to get feedback.

Here’s an App Prototype Created With Keynote + Keynotopia

And Here is how to use Keynotopia to prototype and test an iPhone app in 19 minutes!

Keynotopia Works With All The Latest Versions of Keynote and PowerPoint

Including Keynote on Mac and iPad, PowerPoint on Mac and PC, and OpenOffice on Mac, PC and Linux.

Keynotopia lets users design quick and easy interfaces and interactive mockups for web, mobile and desktop apps without touching a line of code.

Join thousands of designers, developers and entrepreneurs who use Keynotopia

Use PowerPoint or Keynote to create web and mobile apps – Cool!

Steve Blank,
Serial Entrepreneur

Brilliantly cool way to use Keynote to create prototypes.

Jared M. Spool
UI Guru and Founder, UIE

I was shocked with the inventive but pragmatic application of Keynote as a prototyping tool for iPad!

Brandon Schauer
Creative VP, Adaptive Path

An increasing number of designers are turning to Apple Keynote, to design and prototype applications.

Luke Wroblewski

We love prototyping for the iPad.
What do we use?Interactive iPad prototyping using Keynote

UX Team

Crazy fast prototyping in Keynote. This method seems flexible enough for any sort of screen design.

Dave Shea

I love Keynotopia prototyping templates. Used them to rapidly develop a fitness app as part of Phoenix Startup Weekend, and ended up winning the people’s choice and best presentation!

-Matt Clower, iOS developer