3,000+ pixel-perfect vector user interface components and 200+ icons, designed from scratch in Keynote and PowerPoint, and fully editable and customizable without needing additional design tools.
All components and icons are royalty-free and can be used in final apps.

Save 10 hours on your next app design project, GUARANTEED!

Keynotopia Bundles

When you buy a bundle, you get all 9 templates for 50% off the total price, and you receive all future updates for free.


Individual Keynotopia Templates

Each template includes both Keynote and PowerPoint files.

Keynotopia Master Classes

The best training courses for turning your ideas into successful applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit/customize the components?
Absolutely! They are all vector shapes created in Keynote and Powerpoint, so editing and customization is a piece of cake.
I am using Adobe CS tools (Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop). Can I combine my own graphics and icons with the templates?
Yes. You can copy from Keynote and paste as smart objects into Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks. You can also do it the other way around. And you can export your final prototypes as high quality PNGs directly into Fireworks or Photoshop and slice them for production.
I’ve purchased the prototypes. How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to watch the video and read the 5 minute guide in the tutorials page.
Which program should I use to test the prototypes on the iPad and iPhone?
Use Keynotopia iPhone and iPad apps. They are built specifically to facilitate testing PDF prototypes.
I would like to use it on the iPad. Is it possible?
Yes. The iPad templates can be used on Keynote on the iPad.
I am done with my prototype. Can I convert it into a real app?
You can. Export your presentation as PNG files, then open them in Photoshop or Fireworks and slice them. You can also copy from Keynote and paste into Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks or inDesign.
I am using a Windows machine. Can I still build prototypes for iPhone and iPad?
Yes you can, using the Powerpoint bundle. Powerpoint supports the same features of Keynote on both Mac and PC, so you’re good to go.