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FontAwesome Icons For Keynote and PowerPoint

This new update contains 439 icons from FontAwesome that can be used in your prototype and final web and mobile apps. The icons are provided as text and vector shapes in both Keynote and PowerPoint formats. The icons come as a complimentary update for Keynote Bundle, PowerPoint Bundle and Super Bundle (all three bundles include […]

Move Over, Origami : Here’s How To Prototype Facebook’s Paper iPhone App in 15 Minutes Using Apple Keynote

Facebook recently released their Paper iPhone app, along with Origami: a prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer that they used to prototype that app. Origami and Quartz are great, but they can be too technical and complex for the average designer and entrepreneur to use. I took on the challenge of creating a quick prototype of […]

The Top Challenges Of 2,000 Designers, Entrepreneurs And Product Managers

Infographic URL permalink: Browse Keynotopia Templates Are you dealing with these challenges too? We will be launching a newsletter series to interview top designers, entrepreneurs and product managers how they solved these challenges. Subscribe below to get the best tips and tricks straight from the experts! Subscribe Here Did we miss any other challenges? […]

Keynotopia V3.3 Update: jQuery, OS X Mountain Lion and Office Ribbon

This update includes totally new templates for OS X Mountain Lion (dozens of new UI components), Windows/Office Ribbon UI, and jQuery for desktop, mobile and tablet. As always, this update is free for anyone who’s purchased Keynotopia templates or bundles (yes, all Keynotopia templates come with free lifetime updates, and with the bundles you also […]

Keynotopia 3.2 Update: Windows 8 Metro User Interface Templates for Keynote and PowerPoint

It’s time for a new Keynotopia update. This time, the focus is on the new Windows 8 Metro user interface, in addition to lots of updates Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), iPhone, iPad, and Web. Here are some screenshots of the new Windows templates (available in Keynote and PowerPoint formats):

Keynotopia Interviews edenspiekermann_: The Power of Keynote as a Design Tool

 Image credit: Edenspiekermann_ When I read Paul Woods’ awesome blog post about how ESPI used Keynote as a design tool, I reached out to him to learn more about the details of his design process. Paul not only uses Keynote as a prototyping tool, he designs websites and products entirely in Keynote, dropping into Photoshop […]

5 Design Mistakes Apple Should Fix in iOS 5

App Switching      Here’s how app switching currently works      Why is this model broken? it forces me to remember if the app was recently used, and if not, can I locate it quickly on a screen. Depending on my answers, I need to take a different action. I usually start searching in recent apps. […]

Does Your Prototype Really Need Live Data?

One of my favorite stories about prototyping comes from James Dyson’s auto-biography “Against the odds”. When Dyson became frustrated with his Hoover vacuum, he got the idea of using a cyclonic filter to replace the bag. Late night in his kitchen, he created a prototype using an old vacuum cleaner, cardboard and duct tape. The […]

6 Reasons Why User Testing Fails

Ever found yourself in this awkward situation? A friend is asking for your feedback about a prototype that he spent 4 months building, and you’re wondering whether you should tell him how horrible it is, or just smile and encourage him to go on with it. I’ve been there on several occasions, and that’s why […]